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Macstanley’s new album, “Lucid, Alive and Dreaming” now available on the South African iTunes store



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Levi’s/LitNet Origin of Songs: How the song ”Treading Air” was born | Litnet

Out of interest – an older article out of the archives – with relevance to the “Sunset Ribbon Red” video which was recently added.

All songs start with an idea. The idea can take many forms – a melody, a guitar riff, lyrical content, etc. Occasionally even a title that one likes, as was the case with our song “Real live girl”. “Treading air”, however, started with a strum pattern. A Coldplay-inspired strum pattern, to be precise!

I had long admired Coldplay’s song “Yellow”, in particular the simple, steady strumming that ran throughout it. Funny how all the best songs seem to be the most simple ones. I remember sitting at home working out the chords for “Yellow” on my guitar one day, thinking that FlatStanley could use a song that had that nice gentle yet driving feel to it. So continuing the strum pattern I fiddled around with some other chords, when suddenly a melody popped into my head: “I’m not supposed to be in love with you …”

This is probably the most common form of idea that starts a song for me – a melody that I consider to be catchy enough to be a chorus. Often they come to me while driving. Then, so as not to forget them, I have to keep singing them loudly to myself until I get home so I can record them. This was very irritating, not to mention boring, in the days when I was living in Scarborough – a good 45 minutes from work! Later wisdom prevailed, and I acquired a walkman/dictaphone to solve this problem. The band refers to this little gem as our “mini recording studio”, on which quite a few entire songs have been written to and from home.

Read more at Levi’s/LitNet Origin of Songs: How the song ”Treading Air” was born | Litnet.

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Vote for Angel on the Kia Take 40 SA

We are pleased to say that “Angel” (the second single off “Lucid, Alive and Dreaming“) is enjoying good rotation across the various SA radio stations.  This includes the sister stations KFM (in Cape Town) and Highveld (in Johannesburg). We are hoping that it will therefore soon debut on the Kia Take 40 SA.

You can help things along by voting for it at the following link:

NB: You will need to scroll down to the 41st ‘block’, and then just follow the prompts to vote for your favorite song. (…ie Angel!)

Thank you for your support!


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