German Tour Diary – Day 13

Hi all,

I can’t believe the tour is almost over.. 10 shows down and just 1 show left..

The show in Nurnberg last night was really fun. We met some cool people and a few are making the drive down to Frankfurt (approx 2hrs) for tomorrow night’s show at Sinkkasten.

Sinkkasten is a great venue to finish the tour in. We played an unplugged gig there last year, and it’s a venue that’s played host to legends of the music scene over the decades.. such as Bob Marley & Prince amongst others. You can almost feel the heritage & history when you step on stage.

I cannot wait to perform there with the full band!

Having played 10 shows in the last 13 days, the band is feeling so ridiculously tight with the songs, that we are really glad that tomorrow night’s show is being filmed for German TV. We are confidant that the set is well balanced and being well delivered.

Ok.. so what happened today..

We woke up in Nurnberg thrilled at the prospect of a “rest day”. After a late morning and lounging around the hotel we left for Frankfurt at 2pm. The drive was smooth and uneventful. Obligatory stops for bockwurst & smoke breaks along the way was the plan as usual..

Arriving back in Frankfurt and checking into the Lindner Congress Hotel was like arriving at our “home away from home”. This is the hotel that’s played host to us on all of our previous trips to Germany, and I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to be back!

The facilities and rooms are great as it’s a 4 star hotel, but it’s the management and staff that really set the hotel apart from all others. Nothing is too much effort, and the band are really treated like royalty whenever we’re here.

Little touches like an ice bucket filled with beers in each room, and knowing I’m a bourbon fan, a bottle of Jim Beam in mine. They really are a thoughtful bunch, and we look forward to partying with them all tomorrow night.

After checking in and having a few beers, we met for an early dinner at the hotel restaurant. Sitting at an outside table, it was brilliant watching the world go by and discussing the last 12 days as we enjoyed the warm weather. It’s amazing how much warmer it has become since we landed 2 weeks ago. It’s approx 23 degrees celsius this evening. Nice!

Sitting around just shooting the breeze with the guys is without a doubt one of my favourite things to do in the world. I feel so blessed to be on this journey and to have the opportunity to play music with these talented cats, that some times I have to pinch myself. The comraderie that comes with years of touring & playing together is also something that you simply can’t develop any other way.. it’s very special.

Some of the stories that came out this evening were also frikkin hilarious! The pearl for me personally, was Robbie J’s story of how this morning he had emerged from the toilet in his hotel room to discover Mike, unable to wait any longer, urinating in the basin..!!! ha ha ha ha..

Needless to say that put paid to any thoughts Robbie had of either shaving or brushing his teeth in the basin this morning!! ha ha ha

Touring with these guys is AWESOME!!!

Anyway.. early night as we look forward to rocking out our final show tomorrow evening!

Will let y’all know how it goes..


Andy Mac

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German Tour Diary – Day 8

Hey guys,

Well yet another German city has impressed us immensely. Hamburg kicks ass!

We had one of the best shows of the tour last night at the Stage Club. The vibe was amazing and we met some really cool people. Everything just clicked into place and we really, really enjoyed the performance.

After the show, Yannick (our merch man) tried to convince us to join him as he showed 2 pretty young girls the sights and sounds of Hamburg at night.. He managed to rope Pauli, our engineer in, but the rest of the band faded and chose to have a quiet after show drink at the hotel instead.

Apparently their adventures finished up at about 6am, so it’s just as well we opted out!!

What a pleasure to have a rest day today.. Everyone got the various admin things they needed to get done sorted out (laundry etc..). Otherwise the day was just spent at leisure, hanging out in the beautiful hotel.

Martin, our Tour Mgr, took Clint, Neil & I through to visit with the local Cort Guitar distributor. We are Cort Custom Acoustic Guitar endorsees, so it was felt it would be a good idea to say hi to the German representative.

What a great meeting. Thomas is an awesome guy and he gave us a great insight into Cort’s plans for the future. He deals with a variety of guitar brands and looks after loads of huge International performers such as Rolling Stones, Santana, KISS, Bryan Adams etc.. when they are in Germany (and has done since 1977!).

We look forward to staying in touch and working with him in the future.

Thereafter, the 3 of us plus Martin and Mike took a stroll through Hamburg and visited the infamous “Reeperbahn”. It’s a mini Amsterdam red light district kind of place, with girls sitting in their underwear behind glass windows trying to coax you over for a “chat”.

Very bizarre. Especially at 5pm in the afternoon!

After taking in all the “sights”, we hooked up with Pauli and Robbie J, and headed through for a killer early dinner at a local trucker restaurant that Martin recommended in the meat packing district. Portions were huge (biggest schnitzel I’ve ever seen!), food was fantastic and atmosphere was brilliant… and the prices were half anywhere else!

Now we are back at the hotel and looking forward to heading down to Osnabruck for the next show tomorrow.

The next 4 days we have back to back shows in Germany & Switzerland, so it’s been decided that a quiet night is a good idea tonight.

I’m off to join Mike, Robbie & Neil for a drink in the lobby bar now, but will update y’all again tomorrow.

Thrilled to hear that the airports in Europe are opening up again, so we just may still make it home to SA as planned next week..

Rock on!

Andy Mac

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Wed 14th – Düsseldorf – Savoy Theater

Thur 15th – Ludwigsburg –Scala

Fri 16th – München – Freiheiz Halle

Sun 18th – Leipzig – Theaterfabrik

Mon 19th – Berlin – Frannz Club

Tue 20th – Hamburg – Stage Club

Thur 22nd – Osnabrück – Rosenhof

Fri 23rd – Freiburg – Jazzhaus

Sat 24th – Zürich – Exil (Switzerland)

Sun 25th – Nürnberg – Hirsch

Tues 27th – Frankfurt – Sinkkasten

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